Pool Information

The neighborhood pool is for residents only.

The Providence Hills pool will provide hours of fun in the sun for you and your family. You will love relaxing at our state-of-the-art facility that offers something for everyone.

Pool Hours
Monday- 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Tuesday through Sunday- 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
The pool will be closed on Mondays until 3pm to ensure proper cleaning and chemical circulation, except on holiday Mondays.
Pool Rules
All residents are expected to read, understand and follow the pool rules. Violation of the rules will result in suspension of pool privileges for the season or permanently.  You are also responsible for your guest while they are visiting the pool.
Guest are not allowed in the pool without a resident.
A guardian is required to be at least 16 years of age and must have the formal parental consent to be responsible for the young children at the pool.
If you plan to have 5 or more guest at one time with you at the pool, you need to make a reservation.
Click here to download the pool rules.

Pool Key Cards:
If you were issued a pool card, your card will remain the same for the 2020 season.  If you haven't been issued a card yet, please email the following information to your HOA manager: providencehillshoa@gmail.com or to phclubhouse@hotmail.com
Full Name:
Full Address:
Name of Neighborhood:
*Please know that if you have not paid your dues, your card will not work*

Thanks so much and have a great summer!
If there is ever any FECAL OR VOMIT in the pool, it has to be shut down IMMEDIATELY and everyone asked to leave. Please contact the HOA Manager 918-376-6537.  They will in turn contact the pool guy who will come out to re shock the pool and retest water until it's in safe levels. Otherwise if you swim in it you could get very very sick. 
Response for Vomit and Fecal Contamination in a Public Swimming Pool
1. Immediately close the affected pool to pool users.
2. Remove the contaminating material and discharge material from the pool water into the sanitary sewer or other approved wastewater disposal process.
3. Clean and disinfect items used to remove contaminating materials.
4. Ensure the filtration system is operating during the disinfection process.
5. Disinfect the pool water per procedure diagram in pool record book.